Fat Freezing in CAPE TOWN

Coccon-ART23.jpgCoccon-ART23.jpgSince Fat freezing in Cape Town is now the talk of the town and the newest, safest way to get rid of those stubborn, pockets of fat for good, we would like to make you part of it and offer fat freezing to you.  We offer this amazing fat freezing service in a few salons in Cape Town to make it convenient for you to do the treatment. Our current fat freezing in Cape Town areas includes Bloubergstrand, Durbanville, Paarl and Worcester. FAT FREEZING IN CAPE TOWN, FAT FREEZE, FAT FREEZING SPECIALS

Fat Freezing Procedure

New procedures to get a fat layer reduction and firming and modelling the body are continuously improving their features and methods of work. Since some years ago and until these days, the most common invasive way to remove fat tissue out of the body is by using liposuction procedures. The results of this process are contrasted but not out of risk. This is the reason why an alternative procedure, Cooltechnology /

Cryotechnology have been found.  Cryotechnology is a non-invasive procedure that focuses controlled cooling, at very low temperatures until -8°C, in a controlled way in order to get an aesthetic benefit by reducing cellulitis, adipose tissue and localized obesity.

Please read through our site and get familiar with fat freezing in Cape Town. We also have a lot of fat freezing specials in Cape Town that might interest you.