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Fat Freeze in Cape Town

3 Ways you can benefit from fat freezing

3 Ways you can benefit from fat freezing Affordability The non-invasive Cryotechnology treatment (fat freezing) requires no anesthetic and, therefore, no anesthesiologist. It also requires less of the practitioner’s time, which translates to savings for you. You also don’t have to sign up for multiple sessions or take time off work for recovery, all of…
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Can I Freeze my fat?

Can I Freeze my fat? Not all fat is created equally, and some types of body fat are more stubborn than others. I perform Cryotechnology to freeze fat cells, but the location of stubborn fat varies from individual to individual. So many patients ask , “ what areas can be treated? “ and “ Can…
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Will I be able to fat freeze?

Will I be able to fat freeze? Most of the people who want to do fat freezing are able to do the procedure. Although we want to be careful when working with clients and ensure that they are safe. Fat freezing is a safe procedure, with little to no pain. The procedure is ideal for people who…
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What is the side effects of fat freezing

What is the side effect of fat freezing? The only side effects associated with fat freezing are short-term effects . ( and of course great results) Possible short- term side effects –       Erythema (redness) in the treated area which may last from minutes to few hours. –       Occasional localized bruising may occur associated with vacuum…
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10 reasons why you should fat freeze.

10 reasons why you should fat freeze Here is the 10 reasons why our clients choose fat freezing. But lets face it, the main reason for fat freezing is the end result. The procedure is highly effective and that is why we recommend fat freezing to get rid of those stubborn fat. Here is a…
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