Please find below our fat freezing prices, we will run every month a fat freezing special. So visit us every month for our great specials, you might just find the ideal gift for someone or spoil yourself with a great gift.



R 3000

1 hour

2 Areas

R 4000

1 hour

3 Areas

R 5500

2 hours

4 Areas

R 6200

2 hours

5 Areas

R 7200

3 hours

6 Areas

R 8000

3 hours

Birthday Special

Celebrate your birthday with us

If lets say your birthday is the 19th of June, you can then buy the sessions either in advance or in the month of your birthday (June) . You will then get 10% discount on our special price, making it the ideal gift for any lady who wants to look beautiful

Terms and Conditions

1: Your ID must be present when fat freezing is done

2: The special is only for the birthday girl 3: You can buy the sessions for a birthday girl as a gift, but she can only do the session in the birthday month. 4: You can buy the session 2 months in advance and book your sessions Contact us

Share Areas

For your convenience

You are more than welcome to share the areas with your friends or family members, thus sharing the price as well. *please note that if you are sharing, all the members must be present for the day of freezing and specials does not apply. please contact us for more information regarding the pricing and upcoming specials.

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